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typWrittr is unique text editor, designed specially for writers. In the core of typWrittr lies a concept of inspirational presets - a unique technique designed to give extra inspiration for writer by removing any unnecessary UI from screen (distraction-free mode) and placing an inspirational image on background.

Also typWrittr features:

  • distraction-free concept
  • high customizability with 80+ presets
  • cloud-based storage
  • strong file and connection security

GetMocky is an online product mockup making tool. Create stunning mockups in just seconds without any Photoshop. Just choose a design, upload your screenshot, select desired mockup size and get your mockup ready for the best presentation and marketing.

Select from 100+ different devices like iMac, Macbook pro, Apple Watch, iPhone and many more, preview result right away and in just couple of clicks your mockup is ready.

Color Ramp Creator

The idea to make Color Ramp Creator came back in year 2012 when I was looking into making my own game. With it you can create and preview resulting palette on the fly by dragging parameter sliders, and choose from 16-shaded palette down to 4-shaded. Also, by copy/pasting url you can share the palette you have created.

Noticeable features include:

  • instant preview
  • inspirational retro look
  • palette sharing URL
  • tone shifting and color vibrancy

Other small projects

Sails React Starter kit

Sails-React-Webpack starter kit.

keyword position analyser logo

Free tool to get position of keywords in search results. Useful for SEO.

game list

Mostly retro game list that I loved to play, with my ratings.

cosmo news

Retro styled RSS feed of russian Новости Космонавтики project


NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB web application boilerplate.


WIP. Chatiko - awesome minimal room-based chat.

youtube full-screen bookmarklet

One-click full screen mode enabler bookmarklet for youtube.


I am 100% tech geek, perfectionist, love to play games and listen to music. Higly addicted to all science-related topics, trying to stay in focus with latest technology.

Web developing is my current full-time job, I am now working as a system developer in an international telecommunication company. And in my free time I am also making some web applications using modern trends in web developing, and some of them are listed here.

About me

Front End
Angular, CSS3, EJS, Jade, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, LESS, React, Redux, SASS
Back End
Babel, Express, Grunt, Gulp, Mocha, Node.js, Sails, Yeoman, Webpack
Mongodb, *SQL
Other related
Docker, GIT, Mercurial, Photoshop, tonns more